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    Mirage is located in the north of the UK, but if your a trumpet player in Alabama, an indie band from New York or a classical musician working in Germany - we'd be happy to help on your project.

    With quicker connection speeds now commonplace, sending and receiving files is now a cinch and no longer an element which can cause delay. Accordingly, Mirage offers the full array of its services whether you are at the studio or in a remote location.

    As an example, you may have started a project in Pro Tools but perhaps not completed, or need some professional assistance in the production, musical development or the mastering stage.  Simple; e-mail Mirage your folder of files, and we will happily discuss a solution with you and provide the completed project back to you, fully formed and ready to go.

    Perhaps you need a drum part added to a song, or a vocal line inserted - or a string section writing? - Easy ... let Mirage do the work for you and send you updates along the way.

    Mirage works with all of the major file types and software packages such as Pro Tools, Logic etc. and are experts in conversion practices to ensure tracks created are smoothly and are compatible with industry standards.


    If you would like to discuss working remotely further, call us on +44 (0) 1642 470214 or <click here> to send an e-mail.


    Mirage Recording Studios resides in the coastal village of Marske-by-the-Sea along the picturesque north yorkshire coast. Pitched somewhere between Whitby and Newcastle, not a million miles from Darlington and fairly close to Stockton-on-Tees.  On a a good day, you could stroll to Middlesbrough along the A66 - taking in exceptional views of, what was, ICI Teesside.


    Mirage is a very popular recording studio, skillfully manned by the legendary John P Taylor.  Despite John not being the one from Duran Duran, or have any of his kind of money or success (or looks), he still has an enviable reputation as a musician, producer, engineer and writer.  John is constantly in high demand and that's not just from his dog Jasper at meal times.


    Alongside John sits a studio fairly rammed with recording equipment.  Built around an automated Mackie desk and Mac Pro running Pro Tools, Logic and almost every plug-in known to humanity (for tech-heads, this includes NI's Komplete 8 Ultimate, BFD 2, AutoTune 7, Ozone 5 etc. etc.) - Mirage is equipped to provide any recording situation for any occasion.  Singers, bands, classical musicians, voice artists - they are all welcome (provided they bring their own lunch).


    Being a freelance musician since the age of 16, John has accumulated a mass of experience from projects across the UK and Europe.  At an early age, John was the principal singer in an Alan Ayckbourn produced show at the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. Around this time, John also worked as studio assistant in various recording studios then went on to tour as a solo performer across Germany and Norway and extensively in Switzerland - notably, at The Casino de Montreux.

    John has starred alongside and supported many famous musicians, such as:


    Tom Paul Glaser
    Dan Seals
    The Hamsters
    Albert Lee and Hogan's heroes
    The Bellamy Bros
    Hayseed Dixie
    Dave Edmunds
    Moody Marsden
    Sonny Curtis
    Hal Ketchum

    ... and many more!


    John's musical and acting abilities have also been broadcast on Tyne Tees television and Yorkshire TV, and he has also recorded live sessions for BBC Radio 2, local BBC stations and countless independent radio stations.


    Once Mirage opened as a commercial facility in 1990, and with a fine reputation behind him, work began pouring in with clients such as EMI, Sony and many independent labels.  Alongside studio work, John also works as a live engineer and has worked with:

    Jocelyn Brown
    Nine Below Zero
    The Hamsters
    Alex Harvey Band
    Dr Feelgood
    Alan Hull
    Ralph McTell
    Paul Di Ano
    Sherman Robertson
    Joanne Shaw Taylor
    John Randell
    Mark Chestnut
    The Choirboys
    Albert Lee
    The Wildhearts
    The Hoax
    Imelda May
    Steve Howe


    ... and many more.


    John is always happy to help on any project you may need assistance with - although he's not too keen to offer tea or coffee at Mirage so it's probably an idea to make the necessary provision before booking the studio.

    Gear List


    Mackie D8B 96/12 automated



    RME HDSPe RayDat 32 channel


    Recording & Video

    Mac Pro 2.4GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon (32GB RAM)



    iMac 27" 2.7 GHz Quad Core i5



    ART TPS II valve Preamp x 3

    PreSonus Digimax D8


    DAW's / Software

    Protools v10 and 11

    Logic Studio Pro X

    Final Cut Pro v9 and X

    Final Cut Legacy

    Audition 5



    Ozone 5

    Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate

    Drumagog 5 Platinum

    BFD 3


    BFD Maple Custom Absolute

    BFD Oak Custom

    Antares Auto Tune 7



    Tannoy System 800 10''

    Vintage Kef 101 5''

    Mach Two 15''



    Neumann U87a

    EV RE20 x 2

    AKG Perception 420 x 2

    AKG C1000s x 3

    AKG C100 x 2

    AKG D112 x 2

    Beyer 201

    Shure SM57 x 5

    Shure SM 58 x 5

    Shure SM 99



    Martin OMCPA3

    Martin D00028

    73 Les Paul Standard

    80 Fender Strat

    50th Anniversary Fender Strat

    Fender Tele

    Yamaha RBX7

    Kurzweil SP2X

    Yamaha W7



    Sony SDR 450

    Sony HMX 1000HD



    LG Air conditioned control room


    Last update to this list: August 2012

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    Studio Rates (effective January 2012):
    Daytime rate: £25 (per hour)
    Evening and Weekend Rate: £30.00 (per hour)


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    T. 01642 470214

    M. 07790 201706


    Postal address:

    Scanbeck Drive, TS11 7AU Marske, Redcar And Cleveland, United Kingdom


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    'Booked a week at Mirage and was highly impressed.  John was a real gent. and took me all over the place; Gregg's, fishing etc. - we even went to see a matineé at The Regent Cinema which was a real treat (until it started raining).
    I'd book again as we didn't get much music recorded (if you know what I'm saying).'


    David Robert Jones

    July 2012


    'Sincere thanks to the team at Mirage - the session went well and the final recording sounds pretty awesome.  We're hoping this one will sell a ton, and thanks John for suggesting the fourth chord.
    Check the song out here, it's a real winner!' - <click here>


    Francis Rossi

    June 2012


    'Not massively happy about my experience at Mirage.  My agent said she was going to 'keep it real' for my session, but I think she must have wanted to 'keep it really cold' as the outside temperature was -3 when I arrived in Marske from Nashville.
    I've recorded at many studios in my time - all of them offered tea, coffee and a selection of biscuits alongside more exciting drinks and sometimes even salted nuts.  But not at Mirage.  Whilst John chomped on a large pastie from Gregg's, I was sat wondering where it had all gone wrong.  It was a proper meat pastie as well (and he had a cream bun afterwards).'


    Ryan Adams

    January 2012


    'Absolutely amazing! - I've finally found a studio that still uses cassette tapes.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all into e-mailing and faxing, but when it comes to the real vintage quality so lacking in modern recordings, then Mirage is the place to be.
    Also - they have an outside toilet to keep things ultra-real.  I hadn't used one of those since 1956.'


    Ray Fudge

    December 2011


    'My band and I visited Mirage from the rain forests, where digital recording is somewhat humbling to obtain. I felt propelled to describe our thoughts.
    The recording of my band went well, with Antares Autotune v7 used fairly extensively on my vocals and on certain sections where my nose flute playing went out of cock.
    The Fox Band are hoping to sell copies of the compact discs at forthcoming gigs in Ipswich and Northampton later this year - placing the money towards a pair of brothel creepers for next years summer season in Blackpool.'


    Wayne Fox (The Fox Band)

    August 2011


    'Wouldn't you know our experience at Mirage Recording Studios was the best we've ever had. After receiving a fairly hefty budget from our folk record label 'The Cat's Whiskers', we decided (wisely) to invest it all at Mirage on our new album 'Riced Pudding' - a follow up to 1976's EP 'Frogs and Toads'.
    Somehow, all 26 members of our folk outfit managed to squeeze into Mirage to kick through 10 of our latest tunes in a week.  The results sound great and now we're on tour promoting the album dressed as vegetables.  Best £50 quid we've ever spent. Would definitely recommend Mirage to any 70's folk musicians still alive today.'


    The Seasoned Vegetables

    July 2011


    'We really enjoyed our session at Mirage - despite the smell.
    I would recommend John to any other musicians looking to combine arable farming with folk music. When I think about it, it may have been me that smelt but I can't be sure now, it's been too long.'


    The Fence Posts

    June 2011


    'I'd recommend John P Taylor to anyone who wants to get their tracks recorded properly.  I'd used a few local studios over the years in Scotland and eventually I drove down from the highlands to the borders of England on my motorbike and sidecar because most Scottish studios don't tend to stock custard creams.
    Now, I just book myself into Mirage and let John work his magic on my flute.
    Crazy when I think back, how many years I'd spent in Scotland recording in studios that rarely stock custard creams or bourbons.'


    Agnus 'The Flute' Facsimile

    March 2011